What values define us

We are a team with more than 25 years in the sector.
Our technology is fully compatible with other solutions and will allow you to carry out the digital management of your center from a single common platform.
Guarantee and solvency
With 365 x 24 x 7 support, enjoy the future guarantee that only a leader like Ibernex can offer you. Also, feel totally safe knowing that behind it is the strength and support of Grupo Pikolin.
Grupo Pikolin technological company

Ibernex belongs to Pikolin Group, the leader in the rest market in Spain, Portugal and France and one of the largest manufacturers in this sector worldwide.

We are what our team is

A team that has grown in number and quality, and that has more than 40 people between internal and external workers.


We put people at the center of any decision, both for the development of solutions and for the incorporation of new team members.


We combine this great experience with the promotion, recruitment and evolution of new talents.


We have developed a cohesive, highly committed and long-term collaborator structure, with the aim of constantly improving and growing to develop the social and healthcare sector.

Spanish manufacturers

We manufacture in Spain, based in Zaragoza, and we comply with all European standards and requirements.


We design, develop and produce autonomously, both with electronic devices and with software. We are flexible and adapt easily. Manufacturing our own solutions helps us to improve continuously, to be able to adapt to any project, and to respond in reduced times.


We assure quality and guarantee, offering a robust solution with a long history in the market. We are completely safe. We have adapted all our solutions to current security and cybersecurity needs.


International expansion

We focus our gaze on the future and international growth.


We have already reached 30% of international turnover. Now our goal is to reach 50% of international turnover of the total.

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