There are many hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly that are considered to be facilities free of restraints, so that users can circulate freely within the building.

Ibernex wandering control system is the perfect solution to allow users to move around the center with complete freedom and to prevent people with a higher risk (dementia, alzheimer…) of escape from leaving the facilities if they are not allowed, what supposes a high threat to their health.

This system is perfect for socio-sanitary facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals, where access to different sensible areas must be controlled, such as pharmacies, warehouses, maintenance rooms, emergency exits, etc.

Having this solution in which the position of people is known at any moment in an effective and safe way, without the need for them to feel controlled, avoiding physical barriers, provides added value to the facilities in order to the security that contributes to the resident´s families.

Each exit or risk area to be controlled is equipped with an antenna on the door that generates an electromagnetic field, which defines the coverage area for the detection of the tags carried by users.

When the person who has a tag enters that field, the device generates an alarm and can activate other devices such as sirens or alerts to wireless phones or smartphones thanks to integration with nurse call systems.

Benefits for the different users involved in this situation:

  • For residents: Greater mobility and security within the facilities, since they cannot leave the enclosure or access to different areas without authorization.
  • For family members: Great peace of mind, since exits are kept protected and residents cannot leave without authorization.
  • For the assistance staff: The staff work with less stress knowing that the residents are controlled within the facilities, being able to take on other work tasks and go immediately in the situation of an alarm due to access into a restricted area.
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