Ad hoc technology solutions for implementation at the client’s premises.

proyectos ad hoc hospitales

Ad hoc technology projects for hospitals and nursing homes.

proyectos tecnológicos en hoteles, áreas de ocio y centros comerciales

Ad hoc projects for hotels, leisure areas and shopping centres.

instalaciones en edificios de oficinas, espacios industriales

Technology projects for office buildings and industrial premises.

We create systems tailored to the user’s, individual needs based on our exhaustive portfolio of solutions which, as a result of our ample experience, we have managed to refine and expand over the years.

Our field of action goes beyond the social and healtchare sector to make Ibernex the right choice of company to undertake technological projects in all types of buildings.

From those that are closely linked to our early origins, i.e. Hospitals and nursing homes to others in different sectors such as hotels, office buildings, industrial premises, leisure areas or shopping centres.

BTS Proyectos exclusivos a demanda del cliente

Exclusively customised projects

Don’t miss out on our latest exclusively customised projects and ad hoc technology solutions for implementation.