Do you want to know how our laundry management solution works?


What is the laundry solution?

Ibernex’s laundry management solution responds to the main current needs of the sector: the staff needed to carry out the process and the time spent in the identification and distribution of garments is excessively high, the lack of knowledge of the exact number of garments it has in a center and its state within the washing process, the loss of clothes and their correct classification and the difficulty to find the deteriorated garments and establish limitations in their washing cycle.

Our laundry management solution streamlines the management of garments in and out of the laundry thanks to RFID tag technology. It offers traceability during the washing process, facilitates the classification of garments, allows searches and mass readings of clothing and facilitates the identification and distribution processes. 

The Ibernex solution is an open solution adaptable to the needs of each installation that increases traceability and control of garments, streamlining processes, reducing costs and taking care of clothes in nursing homes and hospitals.

How does it work?

The most basic solution does not require laborious installation or work processes in the center.

The RFID technology and the labels attached to the garments allow them to be assigned different states within the process having precise control of the garments at all times.

Step 1:

​Placing the tags on the garments: by the heat sealing, sewn into a bag or sewn into hems.

Step 2:

Installation of the Laundry Software and the UHF RFID desktop antenna.

Step 3:

Registration process of laundry in the laundry software

In addition, it facilitates subsequent classification and can be done based on colours associated with different areas of the installation (corridors, plants, etc).

The following video explains in a very simple way the textile management and the operation of the solution:

What are the main functionalities?

Once the identification tag (RFID tags) has been placed on each of the garments, the installation can begin to enjoy:

1. Identification of the garments quickly and correctly during the entire washing cycle.

2. Database: The information of all the garments managed by the installation will always be available and updated.

3. Assignment of states within the process: entry, washing, exit, etc.

4. Classification aid: The use of a classification code by colours and squares allows to reduce errors within this process, reducing the risk of loss.

5. Customizable reports: Stock control, wash averages, wash types, inputs and outputs, etc.

6. Mass searches and readings: Thanks to the mobile RFID reader, mass readings can be made anywhere in the center.

7. Inventory and control of garment stocks.

7. Traceability beyond the washing process: It is possible to assign different entries to each of the garments according to their situation allowing them to be controlled at all times.

8. Integration with Helpnex: Automatic association of garments with the square concept within Helpnex (laundry software). If the user changes places, the garment also changes automatically without re-labeling.