Do you want to know how the Nurse Call system works in a Nursing Home?


What is the Nurse Call System?

The nurse call system is the solution that mitigates today’s problems in the socio-healthcare sector: the small human team, the age of the facilities, the lack of time, the need for continuous user attention, the lack of  technological investment culture and budget limitation. In addition, this system responds to the main needs of the sector.

Ibernex has developed the software Helpnex, a modular system based on a single software platform, which allows new modules to be developed as new solutions are created.

The Nurse Call System of Helpnex is the most complete communication solution in socio-healthcare technology. Covering the communication and traceability needs of the facilities and increasing the productivity and well-being of the center and its members.

The Ibernex Nurse call system solution based on IP technology) with push buttons in beds and bathrooms, allows the generation of warnings and alarms to nurses and doctors, as well as the complete management of the health center.

How does it work?

1.When the patient needs help, press the button (5), the red LED of the button immediately lights up and an alarm is generated. The red light in the hallway (4) comes on, indicating that an alarm has occurred and the nurse must come to attend it.

2. The nurses receive the alarm both in the monitor of the nurse console (13) of the nurses checkpoint (8) and in their wireless devices in real time, which allows to know the exact location of the patient (room and bed no.) and go as quickly as possible. There is the possibility of having a conversation with the patient from the room at the same time that the alarm is received and knowing exactly what is happening to him or what he needs.

3. Once in the patient’s room, the nurse must pass his card (10) through the RFID reader located in the terminal (1) to indicate its presence, the terminal light and the corridor light (4) will turn off, turning on the green light on both to indicate that there is already a nurse in the room.

4. At the end of the assistance, the nurse passes the card back through the reader (7), turning off all the lights. This allows us to know the time that the nurse has spent in the room performing the assistance and we also have the option of knowing what tasks she has done by coding them from the same terminal (1) after solving the incidence (room terminal with touch screen or touch screen) (7).

5. If the nurse needs a doctor, press the blue button of the terminal (11), generating a doctor alarm that is displayed both in the terminal and in the hall light (4). The alarm generated is sent in real time to the doctor to his DECT and also arrives at the control station console (13). 



6. When the doctor arrives in the room to take care of the patient, he acts in the same way as the nurse in the previous case, at the end, both doctor and nurse pass their cards (10) through the RFID reader (7) to cancel the alarm and turn off the lights of both the terminal and the hallway. The doctor, like the nurse, can code the tasks performed through the terminal directly in the patient’s room.

7. It is also possible to ask for help and generate alarm from the bathroom. The patient stretches the bathroom pullcord (2) and the red LED on the module turns on to indicate that the alarm has been generated. The red and white lights on, (4) indicate that a bathroom alarm has occurred and the nurse should come to see her. From here the operation is the same as in the case of the room button.

Thanks to the colour code of the hallway light the nurse knows that there has been an incidence in the bathroom of that room.

En este plano de residencia se pueden observar todos los dispositivos de nuestra solución de sistema de llamadas paciente-enfermera, además del resto de soluciones de las que disponemos en Ibernex:


Access and presence (6)

Indoor Location (9)

Wander Control  (12)

Laundry Management  (14)

The following video explains in a very simple way the operation of the solution:

What devices do we need for the Nurse Call System?

What types of installation are there?

Within the room terminals, which allow direct patient-nurse communication, there are two types of models depending on their installation.

Terminal model for surface installation:

This model has integrated audio and RFID.

Terminal model recessed box:

Is possible to integrate both hospital and false ceiling headboard, the terminal is not visible.

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