Access and Presence control

Control access to any area in your centre.

The Ibernex Access and Presence solution controls access and automates entry permits to your facilities.

What does our Access and Presence solution comprise?

The system controls access to any area in your centre.

It manages access to restricted areas

It enables you to manage the way in which users, whether patients, workers or visitors, are able to enter restricted areas.

control de accesos y presencia
seguridad y control de accesos

Benefits of the Access and Presence System

It streamlines entry access to your facilities, thus increasing profitability and productivity at work.

It makes the most of the data provided by the solution.

It provides graphic and detailed logs of the time staff or visitors spend in the centre.

It feeds data on absentees, incidents, late arrivals and holidays, among others.

Features of the Helpnex Access and Presence system


Access control

Controls entry access to ALL areas in your centre.

Controls automatic door opening by means of built-in card readers.

Enables management of access to restricted areas according to personnel profiles.

Carries out access control of vehicles and visitors.

Presence control

Provides graphic displays of the time workers spend inside the centre.

Provides data about absentees, late-comers and actual hours worked.

Enables you to manage holidays at individual or group level for the whole year.

It allows the worker to add manual clock-ins using the keyboard, to correct any errors in the clocking-in process and incident coding.

It enables you to draw up a complete work calendar defined by working hours, type of work day, shift rota … thus improving the complete overview of the workforce in an easy, effective and exclusive manner for each worker.


General features

Different types of readers and clock-in devices.

Personalised work calendars and types of work schedules.

Can operate off-line with a storage capacity of up to 14,000 logs.

Compliant with Data Protection laws:

  • Restricts access to areas with personal data
  • It also complies with the regulations on occupational hazards that require proof of each person present at the workplace.

Access and Presence System devices

Door entry unit

Fingerprint readers

RFID card readers

PIN number readers

RFID card

NX0381 access control screen