Indoor Location

Protects users and staff with real-time positioning

The Ibernex Indoor Location System allows you to know the whereabouts in real time of users, workers and property within your centre.

What does our Indoor Location Solution comprise?

Based on RF positioning technology

The antennae distributed throughout the installation monitor the exact position of the user or item to be monitored.

Mapping display

It displays the position of the monitored person or item on a map on the control screen.

Safety measure for users

If necessary, the solution also works as a safety measure for the user as they can trigger an alarm by pressing the tag button they are wearing.

localización en interiores
localización en interiores 2

Benefits of the Indoor Location System


The choice depends on each client’s individual requirements: you can continuously monitor each tag and expand the system to monitor access to perimeter exits.


The system is designed and manufactured using radio frequency technology proven in hundreds of installations.  It is not prone to interference with other radiofrequency devices or noise sources, thus preventing false alarms.

Easy to use

The system is very simple to use, with no need to learn how to handle complex software. Staff training can be completed in a matter of minutes.


The solution is integrated with the Helpnex care platform, which enables all resources in the system to be used.

Features of the Helpnex Indoor Location System


Notifies staff of actual location

The system notifies care personnel safely about potentially dangerous situations, while they continue with their regular tasks in the centre.

Customised mapping and real-time positioning

All data is processed from the central server where the system is installed. On the monitors the map of each centre is customised and the position, name of the person or item and whether an alarm has been triggered are displayed in real time.

Devices in the Indoor Location System


Wrist tag

Staff tag

Property tag