Wander Control

Guarantees the safety and control of residents and patients.

The Ibernex Wander Control System is ideal for social care facilities that need to protect those residents or patients prone to wander as a result of dementia, disorientation or Alzheimer’s problems and where the risk of them wandering is high.

What does our Wander Control System comprise?

Based on radio-frequency technology

Controls people exiting the centre

It monitors the main exits from the centre and as well as certain individuals monitored by means of small electronic tags usually fitted to the wrist or ankle.

Warning lights

The system detects the tag worn by the resident as he/she approaches a risk-controlled door or area and triggers an alarm and warning light to enable staff to reach him/her in time and prevent any unwarranted leaving.

sistema de llamada paciente - enfermera

Benefits of the Wander Control System


The system is designed and manufactured using radio frequency technology proven in hundreds of installations.  It is not prone to interference with other radiofrequency devices or noise sources, thus preventing false alarms.

Easy to use

Quick and easy installation, without any building work required. Staff training can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Affordable cost

Features of the Helpnex Wander Control System

Radio frequency (RF) monitoring of the main exit points from the centre


Surveillance via a small, compact tag


Each exit point is equipped with a device that generates its own field

Can be installed anywhere

Ideal for controlling patients suffering from disorientation

Devices in the Wander Control System

Positioning TAG

The tag is a small RF transmitter that is worn on the wrist or ankle. It is the smallest and lightest on the market, water-resistant, hypoallergenic and can be transferred from one person to another.

Receiver antenna

Installed anywhere where tag detection is required. Normally these are access points to risk areas such as outside doors.  The aerial generates a radiofrequency field with a maximum radial range of 3 meters.

Warning and dissuasion alarms

These have the dual purpose of alerting staff in the centre of an attempted escape while also acting as a means of dissuasion for the person trying to leave the centre.