The Spanish Federation of Sanitary Technology Companies (FENIN) celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 24th in an event where Tomás Prieto, CEO of Ibernex, and Javier Monge, CEO of Practical Team, attended representing Ibernex.

Ibernex, company belonging to the group Pikolin, and manufacturer with its own engineering, specializing in technological solutions and services for the health and the equipment of buildings, is part of Fenin. This association represents Spanish companies that manufactures products, equipment or services of sanitary technology.

The mission of this association is to group together Spanish companies in this sector, coordinates and defends their general interests and holds their representation before the regional, national and European authorities. Currently, it is made up of more than 500 companies, manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Throughout these four decades of hard work, Fenin has established itself as a consolidated and professional institution, obtaining a privileged position as a strategic partner, essential for the national health System.

During the event, held at Casa Mónico in Madrid, a review of the main achievements of the association was made: Revolutionize medical practice and provide health professionals with new tools that have helped them to prevent, diagnose, treat, better disease monitoring and most efficiency patient care.

Also, the most important milestones were mentioned: the debt reduction of the sanitary administrations with the sector, the adaptation of the sanitary technology companies to the regulatory changes, approval of an ethical code of the sanitary technology sector…

Margarita Alfonsel, General Secretary of Fenin, presented the trajectory that the Federation will follow in the coming years: “It will continue betting on the internationalization and the innovation as engine of growth of the sector, as well as will collaborate with the purchasing bodies of the central and regional administration to define the efficient hiring models that value quality and technological innovation.

In addition, Paul Crespo, Legal Director, commented on the details of the new ethic code that will enter into force on 1 January 2018. It is the result of more than 72 scientific societies that contributed about 400 proposals, suggestions and improvements and has resulted in an ethical framework that will bring new and better ethical guarantees in the relations between industry and professionals and Health institutions.

To finish off, it should be noted that 10% of the expenditure of this act, has been destined to the Hospital San Juan de Dios, in particular to the project SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona.

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