Atades, Association for the Care of intellectual disabled people, is a private, non-profit organization aimed at the assistance and guardianship of people with intellectual disabilities.

This association has an early care center, special education centers, nursing homes, sheltered homes, day centres, occupational workshops, special employment centres, leisure and free time clubs, as well as different legal or medical services for families and users.

One of the objectives of Atades is to provide and facilitate the labour insertion of people with intellectual disabilities, getting their integration into society through employment.

Its Employment Center called Oliver consists of 206 workers, 184 of them have disabilities, which make possible the development of industrial processes with different degrees of difficulty, depending on the capacities and aptitudes of the workers.

According the workers of this center, make a paid job makes them feel useful to society, as well as providing them with personal satisfaction for being able to do that kind work.

The accomplishment of this work means to be in contact with another partner, each one, with his different way of seeing the world, enriched them social, familiar and personally.

Ibernex, company belonging to the Pikolin group, and manufacturer with its own engineering, specializing in technological solutions and services for the health and the equipment of buildings, especially in socio-sanitary areas, trusts in the center Oliver and in their workers to manufacture some of their products.

Ibernex is delighted to collaborate with this center, since there are several people working in the manual productive process of their hardware elements. Therefore, Ibernex facilitates the labour and social insertion of the people with intellectual disability.


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