Ibernex ends a year of satisfactory challenges and international expansion


Ibernex, belonging to Pikolin Group, faces 2020 with optimism and seeks to consolidate the milestones achieved in its most recent stage.

2019 has been a year of growth and settlement at Ibernex. Our business has been strengthened at the national level, the relationship with our channel and end customers has been intensified, and work has been done on the organization and structure of the chain. This is, in the words of Tomás Prieto, CEO of Ibernex, the summary of the year to which we have closed these days.

A year in what the development of the most modern technologies and the improvement of existing solutions have undoubtedly been the protagonists. As a result of this intense work in R&D, Ibernex has presented in this 2019 the “Ardys Wireless Hospital Headboards” that offer, within the same device, all the advantages of a common headboard and Ibernex’s nurse call system.

Always focused on improving the user experience in hospitals and residences for the elderly, the chain has gone one step further in its flagship solution, the nurse call system.

The international expansion has been another of the objectives set and achieved in 2019, highlighting the role that Ibernex has had in Peru from the hand of its collaborator Nexus Technology.

2019 was also the year in which Ibernex launched its Certification Plan for specialists, with which it wants to reward and recognize the commitment and trust of the specialists who work with the company. A plan structured on two levels (homologation and certification) and in which sales and technical trainings are their most important pillars.

Thus, a fruitful first stage of Ibernex is closed after the arrival of the new management to the chain in 2016. In these 4 years, the growth of the company in sales has reached 44% and the good work of the new team and management has translated into a palpable greater trust, reputation and brand image in the market.

An exciting new stage opens in 2020, in which Ibernex will work to develop new services and solutions and expand its market and projects with the aim of satisfying the high demand for social and healthcare services that are going to lead in hospitals and residences in Spain, Portugal and South America in the coming years.