Ibernex, the only Aragonese company to be awarded for its socio-health management solutions


The company that belongs to Grupo Pikolin, among the six nominees for the award for the internationalization of Spanish healthcare activity.

New Medical Economics, the Spanish digital magazine of reference in the medical and healthcare world on professional management and patient care, presents, one more year, the companies nominated for the sixteen awards in healthcare management.

The magazine, a clear advocate of professional management and customer service within the healthcare sector, rewards all those health professionals, companies, administrations and entities that have contributed significantly to the development of Biomedicine and Health Sciences in Spain, maintaining a research activity, innovative, of management and patient care.

Ibernex, a company belonging to Grupo Pikolin, specialized in the development and integration of technological solutions and services aimed at health and at the equipment of high-occupancy buildings, is one of the companies nominated in 2018, once again demonstrating its new face and getting valued all the effort made to enhance the growth of the brand.

Boosted by a team with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Ibernex is strengthened as a leading company in technological solutions for health and building, working to put the latest technologies in the hands of its customers and fully integrate them into their business.

The company, which is experiencing a new episode of growth in the sector, is nominated along with five other companies to the award for the internationalization of Spanish health activity. An award that is perfectly in line with its new business stage, since one of its main objectives is to carry out with one of the most ambitious plans of expansion in the sector to consolidate the company’s internationalization. Currently it is focused on Latin American and South African countries, where it has already reached business agreements with various companies and has presence in fairs and industry events, such as in the next International Convetion of Products for Health and Allied Sciences, TecnoSalud, held in Peru.

The categories of the award offered by NME cover all health fields, from the nomination to the public Hospital with the best management, which counts on with candidates high valued as Public Hospital Infanta Leonor in Madrid and the University nad Polytechnic Hospital of La Fe in Valencia, to the best CSR5 policy, where companies such as FENIN o to the Superior Councill of Sports opt for the award.

Sixteen awards that give the opportunity, until October 15 of 2018, to reward and give value to all those companies that, like Ibernex, demonstrate daily their effort to improve the management and effectiveness of the health sector.