The IV Conference on Management of Services for the Elderly will be held the 22nd February in Logroño.

The Gerontorioja Group organizes this working day, aimed at professionals and specialists in the field of specific and primary care, professional social services in training, family and associations that are linked to the care of the elderly.

With this conference is intended to awaken the interest of all groups related to Service Management of older people, making the Conference a reference forum, providing information and trying to promote the potential to formulate joint action plans from different areas that promote active, safe and healthy aging.

Ibernex, together with Masscomm, will develop the workshop “Innovation and technology, great partners in our day to day”, which will expose the problems of today in the elderly centers and how to solve it thanks to technology available to all.

With a dynamic and participative format, at the end of the talk, two workshops will be held: Solution for the care management and Solution for laundry management and storage control, in which the attendees will be able to handle the solutions and understand their advantages and real performance.

The conference will bring together many professionals from the sector and will address current issues that all professionals have come up during their career.

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