Ibernex’s laundry management system is designed to meet current market needs.

Its main function is to keep track of the hygienic process of each garment (washing, drying, ironing) and its subsequent distribution. In this way, the design of Ibernex contributes the efficiency demanded by the centers in the operative management of Laundries. Becoming, without a doubt, the greatest benefit of the system.

Ibernex’s laundry management system aims to ensure the traceability of garments, focusing on four aspects:

  • Identification and assignment of garments
  • Personalized information on each garment
  • Classification by Colours
  • Stock Control

It is based on the use of tags, that is to say, small adhesive labels that allow reading without the need for direct visualization. These tags, in addition to a range of 6 meters, have a useful life of 200 washes (or 3 years if it is an industrial wash), so they are ideal for centers with a large turnover of garments.

The complete system consists of only four elements and one software, so the ease of use is another of the main features of the Ibernex design:

  • UHF RFID antenna.
  • UHF RFID readers.
    • Through a “gun” reading.
  • RFID tags
  • Touch screen or PC with laundry software.

This tool, orientated both to the self-management of the centers and to the traditional systems of client-service, is already implanted in the psychiatric center of San Juan de Dios of the Basque municipality of Arrasate-Mondragón.

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