Both companies, referents in the technology sector, set common future objectives to achieve greater growth in Peruvian market.

Nexus Technology and Ibernex join forces to continue promoting the growth of the Peruvian market with the best development and integration of technological solutions and services focused on the health sector and equipment of high occupancy buildings.

Nexus Technology, a Peruvian company with over 22 years of experience in the market, is formed by a large team specialized in the wholesale distribution of communication, security and data centre solutions and leads the design and implementation of highly reliable and successful integral projects.

The Peruvian company is recognized in their strategic partners presence for exceeding the objectives set, its efficiency in business management and its search for continuous improvement with principles based on the application of good business practices.

Sharing its same values, Ibernex intends to develop the company’s brand in the markets of Peru and Bolivia with the help of Nexus, establishing the alliance between the two companies last May 2018 with the mutual objective of promoting development and growth in the international market.

Ibernex, which faces a new stage full of enthusiasm with the aim of becoming leaders in technological solutions for the healthcare sector and the field of construction, once again demonstrates its new approach, establishing ambitious plans for the expanding sector. Thereby, we bet to grow within the South American market, defining together with Nexus Technology common future objectives to enhance the growth of the brand more than ever.

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