Patient-nurse call system

Facilitates and improves communications and assistance at your centre.

The Helpnex patient-nurse call system is the most complete solution in social and healthcare technology. Improve patient service and the management of your centre’s resources with Ibernex’s instant patient-nurse intercom system.

Helpnex covers the site’s communication and traceability needs, thus increasing productivity and the well-being of both the centre and its members.

What does our patient-nurse call system comprise?

Coding of tasks and answered calls

It enables you to view and answer alarms triggered by patients through the installed devices.  You can see details of the reason for the alarm and add all kinds of remarks. All alarms are logged in the database.


It provides a real-time display of alarms to make ascertaining the resident or patient’s status easier. Customised interface for each centre.

Reports in different formats

You can export customised reports from the Helpnex platform that reveal all the information about what happened in your centre.

IP Technology

Possibility of PoE power supply

Secure communications

Mobility: DECTs, pagers, Smartphones

sistema de llamadas paciente enfermera
sistema de llamada paciente - enfermera

Benefits of the Helpnex Patient-nurse call system

Optimises the time dedicated to responding to patient calls.

Monitors the tasks performed by staff.

Saves operating costs and increases productivity at the centre.

Ensures precise control over each activity.

Offers assistance quality and security.

A solution that is simple to install and simple to use.

Comes with a modern look.

Features of the Helpnex Patient-nurse call system

Integrates with the centre’s telephone switchboard

Uses radiofrequency identification cards (RFID)

Can be integrated with the hospital’s HIS

Coding of alarms answered over mobile phone, landline and touch screens

Patient-nurse call system devices

Bedside call button

Bathroom pull cord


Corridor lights

Touch screen

Remote control unit