At Ibernex we feel especially proud to count on with all our team in this exciting new stage. So, we want you to know more about us, but not only Ibernex, but the entire team. 

There is no doubt about the magnificent team Ibernex is made of, where we are all important and so we feel it, proud of growing up together, sharing the acquired knowlodges over the years of work and the new fresh airs of young people. Today we want to present the main areas and explain the daily work of our team.

We start with our magnificent operations staff, led by the brother Jesus and Alfredo Jaime. Always very focused on fitting all the pieces and avoiding burns with the welding, they are also in charge of preparing the shipments and keeping the storage controlled and tidy, that tremendous work that normally nobody notices but we know how important is.

Along with them we found R+D team, made of IT, telecommunications, physics, mechatronics and industrial professionals. Its functions range from programming and support, to purchasing planning, industrialization etc. This area perfectly combines the experience with youth where the main responsible is Pedro Liarte, who always has a joke to distract you with. Also, Borja and Sergio, interns that barely raise their heads from their computers (lest the boss catch them at that moment)

Besides, we have Rosa and Carlos, Product and Project Manager respectively. When it comes to evolve and improve our product and future products they are in continuous contact with Alberto, our international commercial, to asses the viability and suitability of theses.

Finally, we have our administration, marketing, communication and quality team, where the tireless workers of Ana Tobajas and Belén Mateo, are continuing coordinating with the rest of the team. Our intern Ricardo also helps, although sometimes his music is lauder as to hear something ?)

Do not forget to mention the leader of this project, Tomás Prieto, who with more than 20 years of experience, faces the challenge of placing Ibernex at the forefront of innovation and turning it into the technological launching point of the Pikolin Group


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