Quality politics

Ibernex is a company belonging to the Pikolin Group specialized in the design and production of healthcare technology solutions for hospitals, residences and high-occupancy buildings, which also provides technical assistance services for healthcare communication systems for hospitals, residences, telecare and high-occupancy buildings. occupation.


The Management of IBERNEX INGENIERIA S.L. considers that, for the proper functioning and development of the organization, it is necessary to adopt the following basic principles that make up our quality policy:

  • Satisfy our clients, supplying products with a high degree of reliability in their operation, as well as competitive and quality services, fulfilling the requirements transmitted to us by clients, the legal and regulatory ones and other requirements to which the company adheres. .
  • Continuously improve our products, services and processes, being increasingly effective and efficient, resulting in customer satisfaction and greater economic benefit for the company.
  • Early detection of non-conforming products and agile resolution, reducing the impact on costs and preventing defective products from reaching the customer.


These principles are integrated into our Quality Management System according to the current edition of the ISO 9001 standard, whose achievement must be based on the collective effort of all our staff through commitment to Quality, participation and teamwork.

In order to achieve the above principles, the Management of IBERNEX INGENIERIA SL undertakes to have the necessary resources in terms of improving facilities and technical and instrumental means, as well as preferential attention to the training of personnel at all levels. of the Company, this is done through the definition and periodic review of specific objectives aligned with the principles defined in this Quality Policy and our mission, vision and values-


The Quality Management System, Quality Manual, the procedures, processes and instructions drawn up are mandatory for all personnel, all departments and at all levels. Therefore, all staff must know and comply with it in the aspects that affect them.


The Management of IBERNEX INGENIERÍA, S.L.

Rev.2, dated 03/21/2019 



In accordance with the principles of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, IBERNEX annually performs an assessment of the performance of its suppliers in accordance with quality criteria of the materials or services provided and compliance with the delivery deadline and other requirements agreed between both parties. If, as an IBERNEX supplier, you wish to know in more detail the evaluation criteria applied, please contact us through any of the means indicated on this website..