R&D: Research and Development on the agenda in the Hardware area


The R&D team, is formed by the Software and Hardware departments, this time, we focus on the Hardware area.

The department is formed by Alfredo Agudo, Sergio Martínez and Esteban Soteras, whose main tasks are to design and develop the mechanisms or devices that bringf life to our solutions.

They carry out the development of the electronics and the programming of the firmware of each one of the peripheral devices that compose the different solutions. These devices send the information to the terminal, which acts as a gateway and interacts with the software.

The department is constantly evolving in order to offer users the best possible service.

Our technology allows to integrate all the center’s telecommunications services in a single software to optimize its use, facilitating its operation and maintenance.

Flexibility, scalability, innovation and the possibilities of integration with other solutions are its distinguishing features. We work to provide customized solutions.