It optimises the security, control and management of your facilities.

Localización en interiores del personal y de los bienes

Indoor location of staff and property.

Coordinación de las actividades subcontratadas.

Co-ordination of subcontracted activities

Gestión de las rondas y de incidencias.

Management of duty rounds and incidents

We spend most of our daily lives in a building.  We live and interact with them. That’s why our goal is to continuously improve how our clients’ facilities perform.
safenex soluciones de seguridad control-accesos gestion instalaciones
Safenex prevents and eliminates the various situations that can put people or property in an installation at risk, thus guaranteeing an optimal environment for users while managing your resources efficiently.
beneficios safenex

It provides precise control over people entering and leaving the centre.

beneficios safenex

It displays the exact location of users and property in real time.

beneficios safenex

It effectively coordinates all outsourced activities in your company.

beneficios safenex

It logs routes and incidents on security rounds.

Safenex features

beneficios safenex

RFID technology

Based on radiofrequency technology, it allows the various programs to run without any need for direct vision between the transmitter and the receiver.


It can be up-scaled to incorporate the modules and devices your installation requires.

Easy to use

Intuitive and agile processes which save time and make tasks easier.

Flexible and Integratable

Compatible with the security and control systems and devices already installed in your centre.
soluciones de comunicacion seguridad control de edificios
soluciones de comunicacion seguridad control de edificios

Safenex users

Safenex adapts to the size and characteristics of any centre:

Corporate Head Offices

Office buildings

Shopping Centres


Factories and Industrial premises

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