Rounds control

Improves the effectiveness and monitoring of your surveillance rounds.

Ibernex’s Round Control solution allows for precise control over surveillance rounds assigned to your company’s security personnel.

What does our Rounds Control solution comprise?

It logs every time one of the points to be examined is visited

It records any incident that is detected during the round

And provides a log of the type of incident and the time it occurred.

RFID technology

The security personnel, via an RFID reader that logs the passing time, read the tags located at each point along the route they have to visit on their round. If the security guard detects an incident on the round, he/she swipes an incident tag to record the type of incident and the time it occurred.


control de rondas
seguridad y control de rondas

Benefits of the Rounds Control module

It improves the effectiveness and monitoring of surveillance rounds in a fast and accurate manner.

It generates customised reports on rounds and incidents detected:

Rounds report: it shows the downloaded rounds with a brief summary of their main data: duration, number of incidents, whether the round has been edited manually, etc.

Round stage report: displays data on stages and the theoretical length of time defined in each of the rounds.

Detailed rounds report: displays data on the stages that make up each of the rounds.

Devices in the Rounds Control System


RFID reader

Wall tags


Incident tags