Subcontractor management

It effectively coordinates outsourced activities at your company.

The software makes processing documents for outsourced services easier and helps control people and vehicle access to the various facilities.

What does our Subcontractor Management solution comprise?

It automates request, delivery and review procedures

Automate the request, delivery and review of the necessary paperwork and procedures to be able to access the centre in accordance with current regulations using our software.

Compliant with Law 31/95 on Occupational Risk Prevention

Designed to check subcontractor firms’ documentation to make sure it complies with Law 31/95 on the Occupational Hazard Prevention in terms of Coordination of Business Activities, the Subcontractor Management solution ensures at all times that access by subcontractors from outside the company is only possible when they have all their documentation in order.

gestion de empresas subcontratadas
gestión de contratas

Benefits of the Subcontractor Management solution

Comprehensive tracking

The solution allows the project and work in process to be defined, as well as which companies are contracted to do them, which employees and vehicles are going to take part in the work, and, most importantly, which documents must be up-to-date in order for them to do those jobs.

If a company does not have a current version of any of the documents, access to employees or vehicles belonging to that company will be denied.

Web portal

In order to expedite the presentation of documents, the license includes an online portal that enables outsourced companies to manage all documentation electronically. For security purposes, documents sent electronically require validation by a supervisor from the centre, who can either accept or reject them. External employees will not be able to access the site until all their documentation is validated.

Warning system

Using IP technology, the system notifies outsourced company managers by e-mail of the need to renew documentation that is about to expire. It also reminds the person in charge of reviewing them when documents are awaiting validation.

Customised reports

In addition to being able to consult all the documentation, it allows for customised reports to be generated:

Work participation: summary of the status of the various subcontractors.
Entity status: it provides a summary of all subcontractors and indicates: the documents that each of them needs to have in proper order, mistakes in the documents, if any, and whether they are currently active.
Active entity documents: list of documents uploaded by subcontractors.
Current documents: shows only current documents for each entity.
Document history: a list of all documents stored on the system.

Features of the Subcontractor Management solution


Document management

Web portal

Log-on to the personalised website

Log-on to the personalised website via username and password.


Documents in order

It ensures access to work sites / services is only available when all documents are in order.


Can be integrated with the access control module.


Automatic Notifications.


Exports data in PDF and Excel formats.

Can be configured for several languages