The constant progress of new technologies makes our society more and more developed with a better quality of life.

In the health sector, innovate is a necessity to grow, advance and offer a better service, security and comfort to all people considering that, sometimes, a few seconds can make a big difference, especially when we talk about health.

For this reason, Ibernex has developed a number of solutions that provide the highest safety and quality of care to patients, regardless of their size and adapting to their own needs. In addition, it allows to maintain a complete management of the hospital center in a comfortable and simple way.

The Helpnex solution is a modular system, in which all systems are integrated into a software. By being modular, does not need to have all of them, but install them as the need arises and integrate them into the global platform.

In addition, it facilitates the management of patient care and maximizes the work and comfort of employees, to cover the whole functioning of the hospital in a software.

It provides different reports, in all its modules, where the different activities of the centre are recorded.

1.1.           Nurse call system

The warnings are reported in real time, visually or soundly, on the device chosen only by pressing the alarm from the terminals, toilet handles or bed-buttons.

Thereby, being an intelligent logistic center, the staff of the hospital can manage the alarm as soon as possible, increasing the satisfaction and confidence of the patients.

1.2.           Accessibility

The accessibility is covered even in spaces like the common toilets with the system of call assistance.

1.3.           Access and presence

Ibernex’s intercoms and readers allow users to register and restrict access to different areas of the centre.

In addition, the software manages working time including absences, delays and hours worked.

1.4.           Indoor location

This radio-frequency system offers real-time monitoring, visualization and control of users, staff and the center’s assets to ensure maximum comfort and safety for relatives, families and healthcare personnel.

So, it controls the presence in zones not allowed, it locates goods and alerts of critical situations like aggressions.

1.5.           Laundry control

The Ibernex identification system based on RFID technology and tags adhered to garments, recognizes and classifies clothes automatically and quickly keeping track of each garment until its end.

1.6.           Assets control

The Helpnex software records the management of the assets of all the departments included in a hospital.

In this way, the Helpnex solution of Ibernex converts a hospital into a functional space in which both patients, relatives and health personnel are in optimal conditions thanks to the use of technology.

Ibernex, we lead the hospital digital transformation.

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