Ibernex Ingeniería S.L. is an international company, with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and modern communication solutions and software sanitary and security sectors.

Helpnex is the most complete healthcare communication solution, which integrates all Ibernex’s solutions with the hospital’s telecommunications services to optimize its use and facilitate its operation and maintenance, everything from a perfectly integrated software solution.

Ibernex has developed the Helpnex software, a modular system based in a single and unique software platform, that allows to develop new modules when news solutions are created.

All actions performed are registered in the software and custom reports. Below are listed the different modules of which Helpnex is composed:

  1. Healthcare center management: Management employees, patients, resources, bed, calendars, call accounting…
  2. Alarms management: It is the flagship solution, it allows to register in the software all the alarms that patients/elderly have made, registering the generated alarm, which nurse has come to the room, how has taken and what work has been performed, between other possibilities. In addition, it allows to observe in the flat of the center the exact place from where the alarm is generated.
  3. Access and Presence system: It allows to control the access fo the facility and control the presence fo the workers in the centre.
  4. Indoor location: It defines areas with Access o presence prohibited/authorized.
  5. Wander Control: Solution based on RF technology to obtain specific information of people when they are moving near the exits of the center.
  6. Laundry system: System of identification and classification for laundries based on RFID technology and tags stuck to the garments.
  7. Custom modules: Rounds control, Visit control, Contracts Module.

In addition, there is a Reception and Attention of Alarms APP that allows:

  • The reception of alarms generated by different devices in mobiles or Tablets Android.
  • The real time vision of generated alarms.
  • The acceptance of the alarms on part of the worker.

The main advantages of this software are the following:

  • Integration with Residential and Hospital Management Systems.
  • Modular: Composed by a basic module expandable with other developed modules.
  • Unique: All the products are always integrated and their availability is immediate only by activating a new license.
  • Safe: It allows to define the permission management.
  • Simple: Access to content via web.
  • Visual and modern: Uses the last technology to present the visual interfaces, showing a common and easy interface for all the modules, at a glance are located the calls generated by the residents.

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