In view of the need to comply with the R.D. 171/04 of January 30 for which the article 24 of Law 31/95 of Prevention of Labour Risk is developed, in the field of Coordination of Business Activities, Ibernex has developed the new Contract’s Module; Coordination of Business Activities (CAE).

The contract’s module is oriented to the control of the documents of subcontracted companies and, in particular, of the documents of its employees and vehicles. Thanks to this, is assured at all times that all the external subcontractors only have access to the facilities if they have all the valid documents.

It allows to define the present or future works or the necessary maintenance actions, what companies are subcontracted to perform each of them, what employees and vehicles will perform the works, and, the most important, what documents must have to perform the works. If a company doesn’t have any of its updated documents, it will be denied to entry to any employee or vehicle to the company.

Some of the necessary documents are: Negative certificate of overdrafts to the National Health Service, TCs, List of Chemical Product’s Security Files that they bring to the facilities, Risk Evaluation and Planning of the preventive activity of the working place to recover to the work or contracted service…

To improve the presentation of the documentation, the licence includes a Web Portal, that allows to the subcontracted companies manage all the telematic documentation. For safety, the documents sent electronically require validation by a supervisor of the contracting company, which will accept them or reject. The external employees will not be able to access to the facility until all its documentation is validated.

To  ease the work, there is an alert system by e-mail, that notifies the responsible of subcontracted companies to renew the documentation that is about to expire and,  it notifies the responsible to review it when there are documents pending to be validated.

In addition to check this documentation, it is possible to examine the state of the current entities and generate customized reports. There are five predefined reports:

  • Participation in the works: Summary of status of the different subcontractors.
  • Status of the entities: It shows a summary of subcontracting, indicating: the documents which must be valid; the errors in the documentation, if there are; and if they are actives.
  • Documents of active entities: List of documents uploaded by subcontractors.
  • Current documents: It shows only the current documents for each one of the entities.
  • Historical of documents: Relation with all documents in the system.

This new module has a series of features:

  • It works in web environment, for subcontractors and server client.
  • Every subcontractorloads its own documentation electronically, to have it always to current.
  • It files in a logical way the current and historical documents.
  • It allows to delete expired documents after a configurable time.
  • It notifies to the contractors and subcontractors via automatic emails when the documentation has been validated, rejected or expired.
  • It exports information to PDF and EXCEL formats.
  • Possibility to customize the web and reports.
  • It facilitates obligation of the Titular Company of information Exchange to download exclusive documents, compliance with the R.D. 171/04.
  • Management of companies and their employees.
  • Management of the length of the works.
  • Configurable for several languages.
  • It ensures compliance with the LOPD: The required documentation only can see the responsible of the outsourced company (which are those who upload it) and the managers of the contracting company (who are who validate it).
  • Access to the web customized by User and Password
  • Possibility to be purchased together with the module of access (NX0421), which you can allow or automatically reject the subcontracted employees access to companies or to different areas of this
  • With just a glance you can know the status of documents depending on its colour:
    • Red: Incorrect documentation, not rise, expired, without access.
    • Black: Correct and validated documentation.
    • Blue: Documentation without validation.

Pikolin has been the first company in trust in this innovative solution of Ibernex in its new factory in Zaragoza, allowing to manage simple and clear necessary documentation of their subcontractors.

From Ibernex we are delighted to move forward in the development of new products in order to cover all the needs of our customers, both sanitary and industrial or any other sector.

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