Delgado Clinic

The historic Delgado Clinic, opened in 1928 and located in Miraflores district, closed in the nineties under the management of Red Cross of Peru. After the agreement signed in 2012 with AUNA, the last November 24, 2014 the center was reopened, equipped with the best infrastructure, the latest technology, the modern processes and the better health staff of the country; ensuring a new standard of health in Peru.

This inauguration took place after an investment of over 120 million of dollars, making it the most modern clinic in Latin America. The new clinic has three excellence centers: Emergency, Cardiovascular Unit and Maternity Center and more than 40 medical specialties. It’s built on more than 64.000 m2 on two towers (of 4 and 10 floors), both connected by a central atrium. It also has 170 bed, 9 surgeries, 90 offices, 23 emergency positions, 1 helipad and 5 basements; 4 of them qualified with over 700 parking spaces.

This infrastructure ensures the maximum comfort, security and tranquillity of the patient. In addition, the building has been built under the parameters of the LEED Certification, being the only one project with the Healthcare Accreditation in Latin America.

The clinic trusted in Ibernex robust technology and its complete solution Helpnex IP, from which you can make notifications or alarms to nurses and doctors, and to perform the complete management of the clinic. The patient – nurse call system IP PoE, is integrated into the headboard of the rooms, so when a patient generated an alarm from the bed push button, automatically nurses receive the alarm in the console located in each checkpoint, where the source of the alarm (room and bed number, in case of double room) is reflected.

The system is also integrated with pagers carried by doctors, to be advised at the time of requiring their presence in a room, whatever their location. With RFID technology, you can know the traceability of the health personnel. In this clinic in each room a RFID alarm canceller was installed, passing the card through the canceller is recorded on the server which person went to attend the alarm, which son came to the room and length of the service. With this technology we can know the workload of health personnel individually and concretely.

In addition, this reader is linked to the 4-color hallway light, located in each room door, which varies in color depending on the alarm state: red (normal alarm), white and red (bath alarm), green (nurse presence), blue (doctor presence). These two mechanisms allow to control of tasks and rounds of health personnel, which can be consulted through custom reports generated in the software.

As an additional feature, it must be mentioned that the bed pushbuttons installed are fully waterproof and can control 3 lights; two in headboards and the room. With the presence of Helpnex IP solution in the most modern and complete clinic in Peru, Ibernex strengthens its position in South America.