Padre Menni Psychiatric Clinic

Father Menni Psychiatric Clinic of Pamplona, is a private non-profit centre that belong to Hospitaller Sisters, and it’s linked to the care for the mentally ills.

Certain mental illnesses can lead to aggression episodes from patients to healthcare workers, especially occurred during the night shift which is when the condition of the staff increase risk. When these situations occur, the person in danger needs alerts their colleagues to come to help. This situation made it necessary that the Centre Management to seek to ensure the safety of healthcare workers, particularly in the acute inpatient unit are of Psychiatry.

With this indoor location system developed by Ibernex, each worker wears a hanging tag, and in case of suffering an assault attempted, pressed the button and automatically it generates an alarm. This alarm comes to the computers and telephones to other colleagues indicating the person who needs helps and its exact position in the building. All this is possible by having a network of antennas strategically located throughout the building that made this location.

This system gets first benefit for staff, as it has significantly increased its security level and so has reduced the perception of risk are at work.

Second, and equally important, the safety of patients, as is often aggressive episodes are avoided before it occurs, and therefore should not get to take measures such as containment of the patient.