Alberto Leopoldo Barton Thompson y Guillermo Kaelin de la Fuente Hospital Complex

The two Specialized Medical Centres and Polyclinics, in Callao and Villa María del Triunfo (Peru), allow to meet, each one, to 250.000 insures of Sabogal and Rebagliati respectively, from EsSalud, through the Private Public Partnership model. Each complex has more than 200 hospital beds, 100 external clinics, 25 medical surgical specialities, 7 operating rooms, 34 Emergency beds observation, 24 medical-surgical positions, 17 hemodialysis stations and 3 delivery rooms. Kaelin de la Fuente Hospital Centre (Villa María del Triunfo) New hospitals and the policlinics are equipped with advanced digital equipment, backed by the most recognized biomedical equipment brands in the world, information systems and communications technology that allow to optimize the insured care and provide services in medical and surgical specialities, also radio and biomedical diagnostics.

The centres have opted for the robust technology of Ibernex and in each room, the nurse call system, with IP technology, and PoE power, has been installed, it’s integrated with hospital managements, allowing to realize a detailed tracking of health personnel, patients and complete management of the centre, providing the maximum comfort and safety of workers, patients and their families.

The system incorporates speakers and microphones to make a hands free intercom between patient and checkpoint. With RFID technology, the traceability of health personnel can be met; passing the card through the reader is logged on the server the person went to meet the alarm, which soon came to the room and length of service. This way, the individual and concretely workload of health personnel can be known.

This reader is linked to the corridor light, which varies in colour depending on the state of the alarm: red (normal alarm), white and red (bathroom alarm), green (nurse presence) and blue (doctor presence). This mechanism also allows to control the tasks and rounds. System Access and Presence of Ibernex has been installed, which allows, through RFID technology, the control of access to all areas of the centre, managing the way in which users can access to restricted areas, controlling the opening doors via access readers installed.

Vandal IP intercoms have been installed, that allow the automatic identification of users via RFID cards and access visualization in time. When a user with authorization swipes the card over the intercom, the door is opened. Alarms are generated in the moment in that the door is forced or is open during a fixed previously period of time, monitoring from the vigilance computers.

Profiles and specific routes have been designed for each worker, or workers group, allowing, for example, the access to certain departments or areas only to authorized people, and restricting access to other areas. Also, it allows to control the time that workers spend into de centre, offering a range of customizable reports on absences, tardiness, holidays and hours worked, which are exported to different formats, what can increase the staff’s productivity.