CSVi - Centro de Salud Virtual Interactivo en el Hogar

The Centro de Salud Virtual Interactivo en el hogar project is an initiative promoted by the consortium formed by Everis Aragon, FORTEC, the Zaragoza University, Ibernex Ingeniería S.L., Computer science El Corte Ingles and the Technological institute of Aragon (ITA). The initiative is framed inside Programma Innpacto of the Department of Science and Innovation.

The target of the project is to provide a health center in the hearth (CSVi) of the patient by means of a decoder of television and a set of meters of vital signs and diverse sensors, connected between themselves and with the health center. The target of these devices is that they serve as sustenance to the works of telemaintenance and monitoring of patients and persons as if they were in the health center.

To achieve it, there will develop applications of high functionality and simple handling to contribute to the efficacy of the sanitary system and to provide him with hardware that allow him to confront the progressive aging population and prepare the isolation and the depopulation in the rural areas.

This project has received financing of the Department of Science and Innovation, inside the National Plan of Scientific Investigation, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 (Number of records: IPT-300000-2010-013)