Sanyres Group

The Ibernex’s Presence Control System allows to manage and see, graphically, the time staffs spends in the workplace, offering a series of reports, absence dates, tardiness and hours worked. Also it’s possible to add manual reports so that errors can be corrected in the process of signing.

Sanyres Group is an organization dedicated to the care of elderly, reference and leader in Rehabilitation and Promotion of Personal Autonomy for over 10 years. It is a leader in the sector nationwide, with an increasing number of nursing homes and apartments for seniors across the country.

It has 18 open centres in Spain, with a supply exceeding 3.600 residential places and 300 in Day Care Units (DCU). It has a workplace over 1.500 employees.


Cubrir una necesidad

The Elderly General Direction of Madrid had the need to develop a set of standard documents, databases and other tools for gathering information, that would meet with the Technical Specification Sheets and Administrative Terms, estimated to governing public procurement residential care service to elderly dependents, in order to comply with the provisions of Article 210 of the Consolidated Law on Public Sector Contracts.

This legislation focuses on human resources of each residence and determined that each center available presence control systems, including software or application, as well as the necessary requirements (hardware), that capture the marking job category, to check time devoted strictly to professional activity and for recovering updated via computer at any time markings.

The main feature that is faced is that the seat of Sanyres Group, and therefore the HR Department, is in Córdoba, and this department has to report information, of all residences in Madrid, the relevant technical General Direction of Elderly of the Community of Madrid.

To meet our guidelines, Sanyres had Ibernex and its Transfers Control System, allowing comply with all the requirements, and also Ibernex transmits the maximum possible confidence and assurance ensuring compliance with all specifications.

Implantation of the system

Sanyres Group has in Madrid with 7 residential centres and a workforce of 700 workers. At first solution is installed in Sanyres Aravaca , later , introduce it into the other residences of Madrid .

Sanyres Aravaca is a modern residential centre offering a new understanding of comprehensive care for seniors. It has seats about 240, with the best facilities and the most complete equipment, making offer the highest quality in all services, a fact that has earned the N of AENOR certification, the highest standard in comprehensive management services in nursing homes .

Residencia Sanyres Aravaca

Solving the need

The objective of this system is to see, graphically, the time workers spend in the centre, offering a series of reports (incident report, holidays, daily, weekly, monthly transfer…), and information about absences, delays and worked hours. These reports are customized for each centre and can be exported to any format.

Monthly transfer report

From the software, the general information of Presence Control (presence profile information, incidents managements and general holidays), also allows the management of associated information to each worker (done from the worker individual record).

In addition to the software, it’s necessary a series of hardware devices in where make the signings, that must be configured for proper operation. For ease of use was installed at the delegations halls and RFID reader, so workers sign (by card) every time that they enter or leave the centre (eg, the time to end their workday, or if they eat and then re-enter, although not leave the workplace). The signings are grouped in pairs (input and output), to calculate the real time that worker has been in the centre knowing the activity performed.

Transfer information is recorded in the database of each centre, where it’s showed graphically and easy to understand.

Worker transfers

The solution allows to add manually transfers, so that it can be corrected or incidents in the transfer process (forgetfulness when go in or out, etc…)

The advanced Presence Control allows to make a complete work schedule defined by time, type of day, turns… Improving the complete definition of a staff easy and effectively, exclusively for each worker.

Also it manage the worker holidays, assigning holiday days for workers; groups (workers with the same presence profile, with similar information) or individually, for each year and manage holiday days have been used.

The incident management consist in indicate to the system days that were initially marked as labour, but in which no transfer should be performed for some reason. Notable work trips, sick or holiday. Therefore, the work schedules and time types, vary according to each worker.

Calendar of presence of a worker 

This system complies with the Data Protection Law (LOPD), and it limits the access to areas with confidential information and, it complies with the occupational forces rules, to be aware of any person present at the workplace.