Group IMED Hospital

The new IMED hospital in Elche, Spain will have a capacity of 140 indivialus rooms.

They have comitted to Helpnex as their nurse call alarm management system (Helpnex) because it was the best posible solution for the hospital. In each individual room will be installed a room terminal (embedded version), speaker, microphone, RFID card reader, pull cord in the bathroom, room light and patient handset to generate alarms and to control the lights in room.

In additional to that, the new IMED hospital will also install “access control and localization” which is a module in the Helpnex solution for Hospitals. They will use this solution for controlling the access to the elevators and for controlling the access of persons to the hospital from the outside via a telephone intercom RFID card reader.

As a pioneering solution, the new IMED hospital will have a touch screen installed on every bedside. This new application module of Helpnex will provide a personalized service to the patients as they will have access to IPTV services like TV, movies, internet and email.

In additional to that, the integration of the the nurse call alarm system and the IPTV services will allow the following features:

  • The patient can generate an alarm on the touch screen
  • Possibility for the hospital staff to attend and identify themselves via the touch screen
  • Restricted use of the nurse call alarm system by using LOPD cards
  • Opportunity of hand-free headset from the phone on the touch screen.
  • Forwarding news to the screens if its required With this new hospital project, Ibernex is improving their position significantly in the hospital sector.

Achieving new references like the new IMED Hospital in Elche, Spain gives a strong spirit to Ibernex and to their distributors in devoting more efforts in the hospital sector.