Hospital de Menongue (Angola)

The new Menongue Hospital, “Turnkey”, managed by the Health Ministry of Angola, has relied on IBERNEX technology when has chosen its HELPNEX Patient-Nurse Call System to be installed in its new Angolan center. The hospital is located in the center of Menongue, province of Cuando – Cubango (Angola), and is the result of a complete renovation and expansion of a colonial hospital of the 50s.

The project consists of a new building of a single floor (13.000 m2 ) that runs around the perimeter of the old hospital after being rehabilitated (4.000 m2 ), thus reaching the 17.000 m 2 and 200 beds. Ibernex technology was introduced in the hospital, specifically the HELPNEX Patient-Nurse Call System.

A simple and safe solution where the patient alerts to nurses in an emergency, either through the bed pushbuttons or bath pull buttons. The medical staff receives the alarm whatever their position in the hospital through fixed and mobiles devices, such as hallway lights, nurse console or DECTS. The system ensures proper care if the patients, maximizing its comfort and providing the needed tranquility for their families. With this solution, Ibernex strengthens its position in the international hospitality industry.