Moriah Moriah

Moriah Hospital is one of the newest and most modern medical and surgical high complexity centers of São Paulo.

It’s built near the Congonhas airport, has 35 rooms and 5 operating rooms, which have each of them the management system Helpnex, which allows perform a detailed monitoring of health personnel, goods, management hospital, and patients, providing a maximum comfort and safety possible, Moriah hospital premise.

In each room has been installed the patient-nurse call system with IP technology, integrated with hospital management. To ensure safety, all calls are monitored by a tracking system of the patient in real team.

Moriah Hospital also has with RFID technology for goods and people identification and location, ensuring full traceability of equipment, supplies, drugs (asset management), laundry (laundry management) and people (indoor location).

According to Rogério Ulbrich, BioCAM engineer, Moriah hospital has the most modern, globally, solution for hospital management, patients management and medical equipment.