Sant Camil Hospital

The Consorci Sanitari Garraf, in particular the Sant Camil Residence Hospital, in Sant Pere de Ribes, has chosen the Wander Prevention System of Ibernex, it’s a radio frequency (RF) solution that provides effective control over the main exits and over some controlled residents (with risk of escape, wander or disoriented), through a robust tag or bracelet located on the wrist or ankle.

It’s a highly reliable, easy to use, low cost, multiple uses system and it allows to be integrated with other systems in the center, for example, the call system and the interconnection with wireless phones from the center. In this center, two antennas have been installed, one in each main door; the system is integrated with the telephonic PBX existing in the hospital, therefore, at the moment a person who carries a tag is approaching the coverage area generated by these antennas, it generates an ausible alarm, and also, it alerts by calling to the wireless that the auxiliary carry, in this way they can go immediately and avoid the leakage.

Joan Martí i González, Sant Camil Residence Hospital’s Generals Services Responsible, says that the solution is perfectly suited to the needs of the center, and since it was installed has been no leakage, when there have been attempts of escape by a resident, the system has alarmed the auxiliary avoiding the leakage.

This system gives residents have a greater mobility within the center, and they are safer, because they can’t go out the enclosure without authorization. But not only it allows residents are more controlled, it transmits to the family the tranquility of knowing that his relatives are sure, because the exits are protected and residents can’t go out. In addition, the auxiliary work with less stress knowing the residents are safe inside the hospital, so they are able to do other work tasks and go immediately in case of attempted of leakage.

Therefore, the Wander Prevention System of Ibernex is the perfect solution to avoid people at risk of leakage go out the hospital when they are not allowed.