Martín del Río

Alzheimer’s patient residence built in Martín del Río, first in Teruel province and the only one in the region of Aragón (Spain), specific and entirely designed for people who suffer this disease, incorporating the latest care and control technologies of residents.

The centre has selected Helpnex as a solution that ensures an under control alarm system. Our location system distributed throughout the building and controlled from the software detects in real time each resident anywhere in the centre.

Each patient wears a wrist tag to indicate its position. Each room has door sensor that inform staff residence if a user has gotten out of bed, on the contrary, remains lying. It has surveillance video cameras throughout the building, and call system in the rooms, with recessed microphones and speakers, through which the patient can communicate with the nurses. Bathrooms also include devices that emit a warning in case of an accident.

With these measures seeks to provide greater security for the patient and the guarantee of a correct attention of it and their families. The objective is not only control the resident to avoid a potential accident but also to be sure that the nurse comes quickly to assist the user to any incident.