Universalization of Mobile Telecare Service

paSOS is a research project funded by the TECSOS Foundation, that it´s an open, free and interoperable communications protocol for mobile Telecare services, where Mobile Telecare Devices (Handset) need to interwork with a Telecare Alarm Centre. Request paSOS specification.

The purpose of the project

The use of proprietary protocols, each of them specific to a given provider results in many disadvantages:

  • It makes it difficult for tele-assistance service providers to add new mobile devices to its existing infrastructure, as it requires costly and time-consuming software adaptations and integration tests.
  • It forces equipment suppliers to define their own protocols, without a clear requirements framework, thereby increasing the R&D costs and the risks of non-compliance with the expectations of the tele-assistance service providers.
  • Public administrations find difficulties in applying public contract regulations
  • End users are offered a limited choice of mobile tele-assistance devices

The main purpose of the paSOS project is the definition and evolution of the paSOS protocol, a free and open communications standard that allows terminal devices and tele-assistance alarm centers from different providers to inter-operate without ad-hoc firmware or software developments. However, as the project evolves, other objectives become increasingly important for the project:

  • Increasing the adoption of the protocol amongst the communities of equipment suppliers and system developers.
  • The formal standardization of the protocol
  • To increase the international reach of the protocol