RELAXEDCARE is a European project funded by Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) under the budget of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade as well as funds from the European Commission.

“” Is my mother right now? “” To answer this question, understandably and quickly, without the need to call or stop by to see her house, you can relieve a lot of stress to the auxiliary. “” RelaxedCare System “” aims to build a solution in an existing AAL platform, which uses a pattern recognition approach at various levels, to detect the real status of an assisted person and communicate widely and discreet way (through smartphone or widget), with caregivers, formal or informal.

User organizations, researchers, designers and companies project partners work closely together to create a “” AAL-System in a box “” to be accepted, well-designed, market-oriented, focused on “” facilitate tasks auxiliary “” and, therefore, prevent psychological stress.