Taliarte Nursing Home

In 2015, the nursing home of Taliarte, in Telde (Las Palmas), and centre dependent on the Institute of Social and Healthcare Attention (IAS) of the “Cabildo” of Gran Canaria, remodelled the patient-nurse intercom system.

In this occasion, the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, trusted in Ibernex’s technology to provide this centre with the best solutions both residents and families. Ibernex has more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of modern and innovative solutions, in the technological and hospital sector, all his solutions are based on open IP standards.

The nursing home has 20 day stay places, and approximately capacity for 390 people, distributed in 360 rooms and it has the system HELPNEX IP, the most complete healthcare communication solution for hospitals and nursing homes. It covers the needs related to healthcare management, alarm management and wander control in hospitals and nursing homes. It also integrates all the telecommunications services to optimize its use and facilitate its operation and maintenance. Everything from a perfectly integrated software solution.

Ibernex solutions will allow to improve the quality of care thanks to the IP nurse – patient Call System. This is a simple solution by means of which the residents generate an alarm in case of emergency, with the bed pushbuttons or the bath pull buttons. The staff receive these alarms in his wireless, of this form wherever the staff is they are alerted in case of needing his help and come without delay to help the residents.

In addition, this reader is linked to the 4-color hallway light, located in each room door, which varies in color depending on the alarm state: red (normal alarm), white and red (bath alarm), green (nurse presence), blue (doctor presence).

With RFID technology, you can know the traceability of the health personnel. In this nursing home, in each room a RFID alarm canceller was installed, passing the card through the canceller is recorded on the server which person went to attend the alarm, which son came to the room and length of the service. With this technology we can know the workload of health personnel individually and concretely. All actions can be consulted in the customer reports generated by the software.

To facilitate furthermore the work of the auxiliaries and to increase the assistance of the residents, they installed bed presence sensors, which they inform automatically before situations of danger for the user during the hours of sleep or rest. The sensor detects if a user has not gone to the bed, or has not got up of it, in an established time, guaranteeing safety and comfort for patients and auxiliaries.

In addition, the center has the Wander Control System; a solution that with radio frequency (RF) offers control on the exists of the center. The residents carry a small tag in the wrist and each exit is equipped with an antenna that generates a field, which defines the area of coverage of every door for the detection of  the tags. When the user approaches these antennas, an alarm is generated to alert the auxiliary one of which a not authorized person is next the exit. It is an ideal solution for people with Alzheimer or some type of dementia, that improves the quality of life and the cotrol of these people.

All these solutions are integrated in the same HELPNEX software, facilitating the management of taking care of the residents and maximizing the work and comfort of the employees. With one software all residential center is managed.

The nursing home will offer the best well-being and comfort, of Ibernex hand, placing to the forefront of the technology of nursing homes.