Siervas de Jesús

“Siervas de Jesús” Nursing home in Zaragoza, is a new built centre, but it had problems with its nurse-patient call system. To solve they decided to install the wireless call system called SICA (Wireless system for assistance centers) of Ibernex.

The reason because of installing this system is that being a new built they didn’t want to reform in the building, so they installed this solution doesn’t require any wiring and also supports other system already installed in the center.

This system has a wireless button installed next to the bed and other installed in the bathroom. Both devices have a button to cancel the alarm. When we press the alarm button a signal is emitted to the main transmitter and automatically sends the alarm to the watches that the nurses have. In addition, it is possible to install a warning light at the entrance of the room and/or the number of the bed or room can appear on a screen, facilitating the alarm location using acoustic, visual and/or vibration alarm.