Funding by Ministry of Industry in Spain The main objective of Tasisto is to integrate a tele-care system with an interactive digital TV environment. By means of this integration it is possible to provide a package of value added services using TV as interface in order to offer enhancements to the common services provided by a tele-care system. The result of Tasisto is a field trial with a list of functionalities, tested with real end-users (mostly elderly people). Among the services included within the field trial, using TV as the interface are:

  • to provide general information about advices, health recommendations
  • to receive alerts from the tele-care terminal: gas, fire, alert button…
  • to inform about medical appointments, medicine doses, …
  • to receive messages (using SMS as exchange format) to be sent by relatives or friends using a mobile phone
  • to offer brain training games

The main advantage of T-asisto is that elderly people are used to cope with a Tv environment using simple remote control, and it is also the way to access to the proposed platform to interact with it and by displaying the user interface in a TV. Due to these reasons the system was thought so that the interaction is to be extremely simple (by taking also into account the common way to interact with TV). T-asisto takes also into account the relatives to enable them to have information about the situation of the assisted people. By means of the T-Asisto system the relatives can get updated information about alerts, the agendas, …. that the elderly person are receiving at home.