The “Gijonesa de la Caridad” Association, known as “La Cocina Económica”, is a non-profit association created in 1905 to attend the basic needs (food, accommodation and garment) and, provide social assistance to the neediest population. The association is focused on the social labor, in favor of all people in social exclusion risk.

In September 2016, La Golondrina, nursing home belonging to this association was opened, in Somió. It is a nursing home for elderly without resources, has a maximum capacity of 62 beds, distributed in single and double rooms, and two apartments for couples. The entity has the possibility to extending the nursing home in the future with the incorporation of two new floors, reaching the 180 beds.

The Gijonesa de la Caridad Association trusted in the Ibernex’s technology, and in its integrator partner Tapia Telecom, to provide to this center the best solutions, for the residents and families. Ibernex has more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of modern and innovative solutions, in the technological and hospital sector.

The center has the HELPNEX system. It’s the most complete healthcare communication solution that covers the needs related to healthcare management, alarm management and access control individualized in the rooms between other functions; and integrates all the center’s telecommunications services to optimize its use and facilitate its operation and maintenance, everything from a perfectly integrated software solution.

The Ibernex’s solutions offer an improvement in the health quality of the residents due to the nurse – patient call system, a simple solution whereby residents generate an alarm in case of emergency, with the bed pushbutton or the bath pull-cord. The healthcare personnel receive these alarms on their wireless phones, and in this way, regardless their location they are notified in case of needing their help and go without delay to help the residents.

Thanks to RFID technology, you can know the traceability of the healthcare personnel and the residents. In this nursing home, every rooms’ door has a RFID reader. When a resident wants to access to its room, must pass the RFID card associated by the reader to open automatically the door.

Once the card is detected, it is registered in the server when the resident has entered in the room, and in case of alarm, what nurse attended it, how long it took to get to the room and how long the service of attention was. Thanks to this technology it is possible to know the load of work of the health personnel in an individualized and concrete way; all these actions can be consulted via custom reports generated in the software.

All these solutions are integrated in the same HELPNEX software, facilitating the care management of the residents and maximizing the work and comfort of the personnel. With only one software it’s possible to manage all the center.

This system guarantees the best welfare and maximum comfort, of the hand of Ibernex, being located to the avant-garde of the technology of the elderly centers.

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