In November 2017 a new development line borns within Ibernex called BTS – Building Technology Solutions with the aim of providing ad hoc technological solutions creating exclusive projects and acting as a bonding bridge between the needs of the client and the most modern technology.

This new division rise from the desire to develop projects in any range of properties acting, not only in sectors where Ibernex is already strongly positioned, such as hospital and residential, but in any other kind of high occupation building, from hotels to industrial spaces, to offices, leisure or shopping centres.

BTS offers the most modern and convenient technologies for the development and implementation of solutions in the costumer’s facilities, which implies customizes systems according to the user’s needs.

Currently, BTS department has several action centres, including a leisure and shopping complex, with a series of exclusive services that will increase the centre’s security, while optimizing resources and facilitating management. In addition to integration projects of new identification technologies, which will substantially improve the functionality and security of the systems.

We want to know your project to help you make it happen.

We believe in the future.

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