Indoor location system to protect workers in situations of risk.


A Psychiatric Clinic in Pamplona, a private non-profit making centre specialising in caring for the mentally ill.


Certain mental illnesses can lead to bouts of aggressiveness by patients towards healthcare staff, especially during the night shift, when the degree of risk is greater given that the number of staff on duty is lower.

Faced with such possible situations, the person in danger needs to be able to notify colleagues of what has happened so they can come to his/her aid.

Well aware of the nature of these problems, the management at the centre set itself the target of guaranteeing the safety of all healthcare personnel, especially at the high-risk in-patients ward in the Psychiatry department.


With the indoor location system developed by Ibernex, each worker wears a neck tag so that, in the event they suffer any attempted aggression, they can press the button and automatically trigger an alarm. This alarm is sent to both the computers and mobile phones of other colleagues and indicates the exact location in the building of the person in need of help.

The system is possible thanks to the installation of a network of antennae strategically distributed throughout the building that enable the location of personnel.

The benefits of the indoor location system are:

  • It significantly increases the degree of employee security.
  • It also guarantees the safety of patients themselves by avoiding, on many occasions, episodes of aggression before they occur
  • It decreases the perception of risk at the workplace.
  • It avoids resorting to more severe measures, such as patient containment.