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Technology with guarantees at the service of hospital care

What is a hospital of the future?

A hospital of the future is one that uses the most innovative technology to improve patient care and experience while reducing costs.

And how do we get it?

With Helpnex help, the most complete software for hospitals of the future on the market. A set of solutions with which we automate and digitize in a simple way the essential activities between patients and medical-health personnel.

hospital del futuro



Helpnex facilitates the adaptation of your center to this new reality, through a set of solutions that allow:


Accompany the patient on the path to recovery

Make it easier for health personnel to care for the sick


Unify information through integration

Optimize the use of existing equipment and complete it with the latest technology

Increase patient and staff safety

Three key trends in the healthcare sector

In recent years we have been able to observe how the health sector has positioned itself around three increasingly relevant trends:

Comprehensive health management

Evolve from disease treatment to comprehensive health management.

Taking advantage of new technologies

As is already the case in so many other aspects of our day-to-day life.

Automation and coordination

To generate savings. New approach in which more value and responsibility are given to the economic.

The most complete software for healthcare centers of the future on the market.

In a critical environment such as hospitals, clinics or health centers, staff must have agile and intuitive systems that allow them to focus on patient care.

Nurse call system

We improve communication between patients and medical staff.


Access system

We guarantee the security of your hospital.


Presence system

Control in detail the time that staff and visitors spend in your hospital.


Indoor location

Protect users and staff of your hospital.


Laundry management

Manage, optimize and streamline the operation of the laundries in your hospital.

Do you know the advantages and importance of non-intrusive care?

We create new solutions that allow people to enjoy their day to day without restrictions of any kind.


We ensure their normality, without depriving them of practicing behaviors or activities for which they are still trained.


We manage to increase your personal autonomy and your safety.

tecnología no intrusiva