Labour integration and greater process efficiency with the Ibernex Laundry System.


The San Juan de Dios Hospital in Arrasate-Mondragón, a centre belonging to the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios.

The Centre has 280 beds divided into 4 care units.


The centre has a laundry where 5 employees and between 10 and 15 patients work in sorting and folding garments.

The main problems facing the centre in regard to managing the laundry service before the Ibernex solution was implemented were as follows:

  • Lack of any possible traceability from the moment a dirty garment entered the laundry.
  • Garment sorting by colour undertaken by patients was not sufficiently agile and intuitive.
  • The time spent by assistant carers in sorting garments per patient was high.
  • Finally, the centre has a small clothing store where there was no stock control.


The Ibernex Laundry solution provides:

  • Guaranteed traceability of garments during the entire washing and sorting process.
  • Easier sorting work for patients, by means of a more intuitive method fully adapted to their needs.
  • The possibility of grouping each patient’s clothes at the laundry itself.
  • A reduction in the time assistant carers take to sort out the clothing of each department.
  • Stock control of clothing available at the centre’s shop.

In addition, a series of modifications have been made to the general laundry software to adapt it to the specific requirements of this centre.