The aim: to maintain exact control over entry access to all areas at the Santa Ana Residence in Zaragoza.


The Santa Ana Residence, belonging to the Aragonese Institute of Social Services (IASS) and run by the SARquavitae Group, is located in Utebo (Zaragoza).  The centre covers 11,375 m2, employs 85 workers and accommodates 135 senior citizens. In addition, it has 30 places in the day centre and a large garden.


The centre seeks to guarantee the safety and the prime comfort of users, family and staff, as well as streamlining and simplifying its management and care provision.


Installation of the Access and Presence System that provides close monitoring of access to all areas in the centre and manages the way in which users can access restricted areas. It controls door opening by means of built-in card readers. It also allows workers’ time to be better managed by giving a graphic read-out of the time spent in the centre and generating reports on absentees, late-comers and actual hours worked.  

The Santa Ana residence also has Ibernex’s Wander Control System and our Paging System modules, with all services integrated into the same software, Helpnex.