The new Pikolin plant in Zaragoza, a benchmark in the use of IP technology.


Grupo Pikolin is leader in the bedding sector with eight production plants in Europe and two in Southeast Asia and a team of over 2,100 people.


Provision of the latest technology at its new factory and corporate headquarters, the largest and most advanced logistics-industrial complex in Europe in the bedding sector with a surface area of 217,000 m2.


The new Pikolin headquarters has four function modules from our Safenex solution:

  1. Vehicle access

In a complex as large as this, the number of vehicles and visitors entering and leaving is significant. The Vehicle Access module facilitates the management of these visits quickly and easily.

The software displays a list of the programmed visits and allows others that are not already programmed to be added.  In addition, it automates staff entry access by registering and de-registering entry access cards.

The solution, like the rest of the Safenex modules, enables customised reports to be generated:

  • Visitors report
  • Vehicles
  • History of vehicle drivers.

In addition, its integration with the Subcontractors programme simplifies and unifies access control of subcontracted personnel and grants or denies access to the complex depending on the status of the documents required to enter the facilities.

  1. Access and Presence

Precise and accurate access control to the various areas within the factory and offices is possible thanks to the Access and Presence module.  The solution assigns or restricts access to certain areas for each individual person by using cards and readers with RFID technology.

  1. Subcontractors

Designed to comply with Law 31/95 on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards in terms of Coordination of Business Activities, the Ibernex Subcontractor Management solution implemented at Pikolin ensures at all times that access by outside companies to the site is only possible when they have all their documentation in order.

In order to expedite the presentation of documents, the licence includes an online Portal that enables outsourced companies to manage all documentation electronically. For security purposes, documents sent electronically require validation by a Pikolin supervisor, who can either accept or reject them. External employees will not be able to access the site until all their documentation is validated.

To make work even more manageable, the system uses IP technology to notify outsourced company managers by e-mail of the need to renew any documentation that is about to expire. It also reminds the person in charge of reviewing them when documents are awaiting validation.

In addition to being able to consult all this documentation, you can also examine the status of current entities and generate customised reports.  There are five pre-set reports:

  • Participation in projects.
  • Status of entities.
  • Documents belonging to active entities.
  • Current documents.
  • History of documents.
  1. Rounds

A complex of this size obviously needs a security and surveillance team to guarantee the protection of the facilities. The Rounds module provides a control mechanism to ensure security personnel complete the surveillance rounds allocated to them properly, as well as logging any incident they detect as they make their rounds.

Using an RFID reader that logs each time it detects a signal, security personnel swipe their tags located at each critical point along the route they are meant to take on their round. If the security guard detects an incident on the round, he swipes an incident tag to record the type of incident and the time it occurred.

The data is downloaded into Safenex and customised reports are generated that quickly read out the incidents detected and whether all control points on the round have been visited.

  • Rounds report
  • Stage by stage report.
  • Detailed report of rounds.

In this way, Pikolin relies on IP technology and Ibernex’s innovative solutions to manage visitor, employee, and subcontractor control and security simply and effectively.