The Wander Control System at the Residencia Sant Camil Hospital increases mobility of residents within the centre, as well as providing greater peace of mind for relatives.


Residència Sant Camil Hospital, belonging to the Consorci Sanitari Garraf, in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona).


The centre needs to have a system that guarantees secure monitoring of certain users at risk of fleeing or prone to wandering and becoming disoriented.


The Ibernex Wander Control System is the perfect solution to prevent people at risk from wandering and leaving the hospital when they are not allowed to. Two antennae are fitted at each main door in and out of the centre to create a coverage area that detects if a resident approaches those exit points thanks to a small tag worn on the patient’s wrist or ankle.

If that happens, the system alerts staff by making a call to their wireless receivers and thus they can respond immediately and avoid the patient leaving.

This system allows residents to enjoy greater mobility within the centre and also greater security, as they cannot leave the premises without authorisation.  It also provides greater peace of mind for families, as all exit points are protected and the residents cannot leave. Finally, carers work with less stress knowing that the residents are being monitored within the hospital and so they can get on with their other tasks and simply respond in the event of an unauthorised attempt to leave.

It is a reliable, easy-to-use and low cost system that can also be integrated with other existing systems at the centre.