The BTS division has a clear vocation to open up to new sectors that complement those which Ibernex has traditionally catered for. One such new sector in this line of business is shopping centres which, in the same way as any other high occupancy building, are experiencing a growing need to enhance connectivity and the integration of technology.

TorreVillage is a great leisure and shopping project with a gross surface area of 57,000 m2 in the city of Zaragoza (Spain). Designed to house fashion outlets and catering services, as well as international innovation in commerce centre, it is the largest retail complex specialising in outlet sales in the area.

In view of these new challenges, Ibernex was asked to take responsibility for the supply of a series of packages of technological equipment for the new TorreVillage complex.

The outcome of that proposal materialised in collaboration with several projects, some of which could be covered with Ibernex’s standard range of solutions while others had to be tailor developed from scratch for the TorreVillage project.

Ibernex’s contribution in TorreVillage is present in the following applications:

  • Installation of an Alarm System in toilets and assisted changing rooms
  • Rounds Control: where our standard catalogue package was further developed to match the exact needs of this new environmento.
  • Entry Access Control to the entire complex: achieved by adding to our standard Access and Presence solution ad hoc developments designed to match the specifications given by the shopping centre management
  • Integración de sistemas de megafonía en entorno Safenex.
  • Subcontractor and Visitor Control.
  • Push to talk intercom: integration of push to talk intercom systems using IP in the Safenex environment.