Laundry management

Control the management of your centre’s laundry.

Our Laundry Management solution streamlines the identification and distribution of garments at your centre.

What does our Laundry Management Solution comprise?

Based on RFID technology and special labels attached to garments

It identifies and sorts garments

The system allows clothes to be automatically identified and sorted, making it possible to keep close control over the location and status of the garment at all times.

control de lavanderías
control de lavanderías

Benefits of the Laundry Management Solution

It optimises employees’ work and avoids additional costs.

It makes sorting clothes easier as they can be sorted by colour or room/resident number.

It makes the most of the data recorded on the system.

It counts the number of washes, runs queries, searches and automatic mass read-outs.

It prevents clothing getting mislaid.

It ensures the correct delivery of garments to each user.

Features of the Laundry Management Solution

Garment identification

It identifies garments quickly and correctly throughout the entire washing cycle.


Status assignment

It enables different statuses to be allocated to garments throughout the process and can be customised to match the client’s exact needs: arrival, washing, issued, stored … etc.


Garment inventory and stock counts

Stock counts and control over the centre’s own clothes.


Garment searching

Automatic query and mass searching of garments.

Long-range reading sensitivity


Management reports

Generation of customizable management reports

Devices in the Laundry Management Solution

Identification tag

Hand-held tag reader

Desktop tag reader

Computer screen